About Us

Pulse Health Services Limited is a preventive healthcare enterprise. We are aiming to educate and incorporate the mass people into a standard preventive healthcare curriculum and in the process establish ourselves as a brand synonymous with the term preventive healthcare. In our inception, we are going with a two way approach- offering services on a commercial basis to the educated community, and free trials to the one that needs educating.

Our service offering includes a cloud based smart health monitoring system bundled with health insurance. We conduct periodic health check-ups (e.g. body temperature, BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen saturation) using smart devices, and keep the data saved in a cloud platform that can be accessed through a mobile application under personal profiles. In addition, our paramedic team is there to offer customized health advice during the monthly check-ups. The health insurance bundle further empowers the client/beneficiary to avail necessary services like doctor visit, hospitalization etc.


Our vision is to become the leading provider of preventive healthcare solutions against NCDs in Bangladesh, supported by health insurance- educate and enable people to adopt healthier lifestyles for better health outcomes.


1. Help people understand how preventive healthcare can improve the quality of life and reduce risk of non-communicable disease related illness and death

2. Provide comprehensive preventive healthcare solutions supported by insurance coverage that are affordable and easily accessible to low income people

3. Reduce impact of non-communicable diseases on the lives of people in Bangladesh


1. Pulse Health initiative is a mandatory first step towards establishing preventive healthcare among the general people of Bangladesh

Shahriar Fuad Anwar

Proprietor, Mint Bangladesh

2. Pulse Health Services Ltd. can make great contributions to businesses by reducing absenteeism due to sickness among the employees

Md.Jabedur Rahman Shaheen

Orient BD Limited.

3. My experience with Pulse Health has been amazing so far. The employees, especially the older ones, have been in better shape both mentally and physically. The health checkups, the mobile app and the conversations with the paramedic team go a long way in establishing trust and a sense of security. Overall, thumbs up to team Pulse Health

M Rafiqul Islam

Managing Director, Teesta Solar Limited

4. Pulse Health effort towards popularizing the concept of health insurance among the poor community is extremely encouraging for others to explore this overlooked market and contribute to its wellbeing

Afzal Hossain

Director, Inpace Management Services Ltd.

5. Pulse Health has been working on the most underrated issue in the healthcare sector of Bangladesh- the NCDs, and trying to serve the most overlooked community who are also the most susceptible to these diseases. Kudos and best of luck!


President, Bangladesh Computer Samity